Miss Jasmine the Tree Cat

Somehow I’ve become a magnet for cats. My mother says it’s good luck when cats seek your help. I must be damn lucky because I’ve already lost count on the number of cats I’ve rescued. Definitely, more than 50! Well, like I always say “Everything happens for a reason.” It was love at first sight when I laid eyes on Jasmine. I was bringing a feral kitten I had just caught to the local Humane Society when one of the workers told me to look into one of the cat condos. Jasmine was sitting with a litter mate and my arm didn’t have to be twisted too hard to convince me to adopt Jasmine.

Jasmine came home 1 week before Thanksgiving 2015. She has been so loved ever since. The Humane Society suggested they thought she was a Norwegian Forest cat. She shares some similarities, but I’m sure she’s not. Though she loves being outside. I was hesitant to allow her to be an outdoor cat. I live in the “country” with a ton of woods in the back, yet close to a road that people fly through. Tons of predators – bald eagles, fox, coyote, owls and fisher cats. She begged and begged  to go outside. Finally I let her go when she was a year and a half. She’s been the happiest cat ever since.

Jasmine spends her days roaming the forest, playing along the brook and of course climbing the trees.




Cat Tails and Flowers

I’ve never really liked cats. I’ve always loved dogs, but I became a cat magnet a few years ago. These cats simply just started showing up at the restaurant which is a long complicated story and needs multiple posts to cover. Spay and neuter your animals please!!! Least to say it’s kind of an awkward look – cats and an Asian restaurant. Don’t worry, none ever became tomorrow’s special. Between my family and employees we’ve welcomed several into our homes and most found homes through the local Humane Society.

I have 2 wonderful cats (Lola, our Maine coon cat recently passed away) – Pepsi and Jasmine. Pepsi, named by my daughter, (we don’t really allow soda so I assume she chose Pepsi for that reason). Pepsi was the very first cat I caught with my bare hands behind the restaurant. Jasmine was adopted from the Humane Society as I was bringing in some more kittens I had just caught.

These 2 love to check out my flower arrangements and photo bomb as well as my rescue pup Maggie Moo. I can write posts and posts about these 3 characters.

Here are some old photos I found from last summer.

Miss Pepsi and Peonies from my father’s garden.


Miss Jasmine and Miss Maggie Moo


Below is the flower arrangement the cuties were checking out. It’s one of my favorites. Peonies and willow from my father’s garden. He has a green thumb and a knack for peonies. I can’t wait until June for peony season. The container is an old coal hod I found at an antique place in Augusta. One year I had it spray painted yellow, but then I thought this sky blue would be pretty. The pink of the peony really work with this blue. The chest was a gift from my brother in law and is a perfect platform form my flowers. I use it a lot you’ll notice.