About ME

Somehow this gal born in NYC finds herself in central Maine. People still ask me all the time how the heck I ended up here. I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. My crazy Thai parents made that fateful decision nearly 20 years ago. I tried “escaping” many, many times. I left the country twice. Somehow I always ended back here. I made one last attempt, not too long ago, to move the chains of change, to no avail of course. It seems to be my destiny to become a Maine’ah. Even after nearly 20 years of living here, I’ve only recently embraced this Maine life of mine.

I was born the year of the Monkey. I love monkeys! Not really the actual animal (I’m a true dog gal), but all monkey things – pictures, stuffed animals, knick knacks and what not. I even have a tattoo of a monkey on my back (things you do in your early 20s). Being first generation American, my Thai heritage still plays a strong influence on my life. There’s always a little Asian persuasion with everything I do. An Asian-Maine’ah . . .  it’s a wicked sweet mash-up, especially when it comes to food.

Cooking is like breathing to me. I do it all day everyday, partly because I’m a cook and I own a restaurant. I do cook non-stop though, even at home. It’s so much fun thinking of crazy twists on food and experimenting. I have a lot of guinea pigs willing to try my crazy creations. I’m part of a crazy huge family.

Other than food and family, my other love is sports. I am truly blessed to to be in New England, the epicenter of championships. I bleed Green, love the Bruins, I’ll be part of Pats Nation for life (I have a borderline unhealthy crush on Edelman); BUT . . . it ends there. I am still of part of the evil Empire. Some little part of me is still trying to hold on to the City.

I decided to finally sit down and write about this journey of embracing my Asian-Maine’ah life. Part therapeutic, part fun. The concrete jungle calls my name sometimes, but there’s a certain charm to all these trees and roadkill.

I’m a working mom, a cook, a restaurant owner and a super animal lover.

I hope you enjoy my stories of food, family and life in Maine.