Grilled Cheese with Hot Banana Peppers

Today was National Grilled Cheese Day, of course I had to make some. I had a craving for this mac & cheese I enjoyed at Beecher’s in NYC last summer. It was their kale and mama lil’s peppers mac and cheese. So freaking delicious. The tang from the pickled peppers worked so well with the creamy cheese.

The closest pepper I could think of was hot banana peppers which are also super tangy with a nice heat level. I love plain white bread for grilled cheese. A package of Scottish cheddar cheese caught my eye as well as fontina. I like fontina because it provides such a creamy melt. This Mull of Kintyre cheddar was also not too sharp with a nice nutty taste.


I like spreading mayo on the bread instead of butter. A combination of mayo and butter is awesome too. To complement the hot peppers I spread some Sriracha-spiked mayo.


Grilled cheese come out awesome using cast iron. For this I used my cast iron grill pan — I just wanted the pretty lines. I then sliced equal amounts of cheddar and fontina, then topped one bread slice with the hot banana peppers.


Flipped one side on the other and kept toasting until the cheese was all melted.


This was a super satisfying grilled cheese. Definitely reminded me of Beecher’s mac and cheese. The tang from the peppers really balanced the cheese. The fontina was oozing out of the bread. Just discovered you can buy Mama Lil’s Peppers online. I’m definitely picking up a bottle to make this grilled cheese again.


This was a great way to celebrate National Grilled Cheese Day.

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