Who Says I Can’t Drink Wine Out of a Glass Mug?!?

Rosé season has arrived. With rising temperatures I think of grass between my toes, frogs croaking in the pond, my raised beds sprouting with future eats and sipping Rosé  while enjoying a late sunset. Miss Pepsi kept me company as I enjoyed my first glass of Rosé.

I actually don’t have a specific wine I like. I am a typical consumer, I picked based on looks. Pretty packaging goes a long way for me. Notorious Pink caught my eye at the store. Loved the sleek look and the pretty glass cork. It was on sale from 23.99 to 15.99. Not bad. It was more on the peachy-orangey hue than a pink-rosy shade. Not the smoothest Rosé I’ve ever had, not too sweet either, but I’d probably buy it again. I sipped happily from my pretty glass mug. I don’t do stem wine glasses in my home especially with my kids and my glass pushing happy kitties.

I saw an article online on Food and Wine for 40 oz. bottles of Rosé. EEEEKKKKK!!!  I would happily drink that 40 out of brown paper bag. Sadly, it seems it hasn’t made it’s way to Maine yet.


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