Miss Jasmine the Tree Cat

Somehow I’ve become a magnet for cats. My mother says it’s good luck when cats seek your help. I must be damn lucky because I’ve already lost count on the number of cats I’ve rescued. Definitely, more than 50! Well, like I always say “Everything happens for a reason.” It was love at first sight when I laid eyes on Jasmine. I was bringing a feral kitten I had just caught to the local Humane Society when one of the workers told me to look into one of the cat condos. Jasmine was sitting with a litter mate and my arm didn’t have to be twisted too hard to convince me to adopt Jasmine.

Jasmine came home 1 week before Thanksgiving 2015. She has been so loved ever since. The Humane Society suggested they thought she was a Norwegian Forest cat. She shares some similarities, but I’m sure she’s not. Though she loves being outside. I was hesitant to allow her to be an outdoor cat. I live in the “country” with a ton of woods in the back, yet close to a road that people fly through. Tons of predators – bald eagles, fox, coyote, owls and fisher cats. She begged and begged  to go outside. Finally I let her go when she was a year and a half. She’s been the happiest cat ever since.

Jasmine spends her days roaming the forest, playing along the brook and of course climbing the trees.




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