Sweet Peas Take Me Away

Seriously, I know every winter I complain about the cold, but it’s really just too much. I’m so over it. All I want to do is start getting my hands dirty in the garden and start planting. I needed a nice respite from the winter doldrums so I was searching for photos of flowers to brighten up my day and serve as a little inspiration. I never knew what sweet peas were until last year when I read an article in Martha Stewart’s Living about a woman who grew sweet peas. I instantly fell in love. They really are so sweet, delicate and have such a romantic smell.

I grew my first few plants last summer. Some I grew from seeds, which didn’t really yield as many pretty flowers. I also bought some seedlings at the local farmer’s market that produced beautiful flowers way into late September. I’m going to try to make sweet peas my focal flower this year if the warm weather ever arrives.

Here are some arrangements using the sweet peas from last summer (2016):


2 thoughts on “Sweet Peas Take Me Away

  1. The only sweet peas I’ve grown successfully so far are the very dwarf ones developed for containers. I am determined to grow the old fashioned ones, as shown in your lovely photos. Last year I direct seeded some on a fence, but they only got about 2′ tall and produced very few flowers before our hot summer came. This year will be better (she says fingers crossed!) I want some like yours!!!


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