It’s Never Too Cold for a Beach Day

There is a lot of beauty in Maine. The skies are especially blue on a sunny and clear day. When we think of a beach day it’s a sunny and blistering hot summer day not 40s in March. However, it’s never too cold for a beach day. The beach is quite beautiful during the winter. You can really enjoy the view without all those half naked bodies and umb rellas all around. One of my favorite beaches in Maine is Popham Beach State Park.

It’s very family friendly,  lots of sand, great tidal pools and when it’s low tide there is an awesome island to visit (don’t get caught when the tide comes in though, which happened to us on this visit – soooooo cold). The kids love the sea shells and there are always sand dollars. The water is always frigid no matter what time of year you visit. Beware of the seagulls They are absolute monsters and super ballsy with no fear of humans.

If you’ve never visited Popham, you must and if you’ve never visited a beach during the winter you’re missing out. It’s such a fun family adventure. It’s a great way to experience Maine’s natural beauty.


Popham Beach State Park – No Filter Needed
Sand Dollar


Dress warm with Waterproof boots



The island during low tide.
Top of the island. Great view.


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