Ice Marbles

I’m bored!!!!!! DSs, Legos, paint, shopkins scatter their rooms, but somehow the kids are bored especially on yet another snow day. Thanks pinterest for saving the day yet again. This is a great and easy project to entertain the kids. All you need is balloons, food coloring and water. I filled the balloons with water and food coloring. The kids loved trying to make different colors by adding the food coloring themselves. Tied up the balloons and placed them outside. Even with the super cold temps these took a few days to completely freeze especially after being covered by the snow which provided some good insulation.

The kids loved shoveling and digging trying to find the balloons under the snow. It was like a treasure hunt. Cut the end  of  the balloon and just peel. The results are these beautiful ice marbles with some awesome coloring. Seeing them melt is pretty cool too because the color melts out leaving clear ice balls before completely melting.

These can probably be made and frozen in the freezer so you don’t have to wait for that snowstorm.


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