Prik Khing B.L.T. 2.0

I still had some prik khing bacon left so I thought of this sandwich. It’s an open faced B.L.T. topped with salt pickled duck eggs. The saltiness of the eggs were a wonderful contrast to the spicy and sweet bacon. Duck eggs are awesome and I’m lucky that my local health food store – Uncle Dean’s, carries them. Salt pickled duck eggs are a wonderful food to have on hand because if you’re in a pinch for time and hungry, having an egg with rice and some chili paste is pretty satisfying.


I use a salt brine method to pickle the eggs, and though it takes about 6 weeks it’s well worth the wait. For a dozen eggs I’ll use 2 cups sea salt and 4 cups of water. A jumbo mason jar works best. Just add the eggs to the brine uncooked. After 6 weeks, just boil the eggs for 10 minutes and you’ll have perfect salt pickled eggs that can be enjoyed in so many ways. Chicken eggs work fine as well and only take 1 month.


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